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Chat Rules
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In-Game Rules
By playing on Amistr.net's servers, you agree to follow these rulesets.

Special Note: Please remember the staff of Amistr.net hold the right to modify these rules at any time.

Rule #1 - Respect
Disrespect, racial comments, sexual slander, etc. will not be tolerated. Talk to players and staff in-game as you would want others to talk to you. Don't swear publicly or at other people. This applys to all forms of communication, such as Frost Joke/Dazzler, Talkie box, Character names/Guilds/Party names, Chat boxes, Shop names and any other skills in game. Never lie to the Game Masters, if you are caught lying to a GM, you will be punished accordingly. Do not publicly accuse Game Masters of cheating on their legitimate characters. If you believe a GM might have cheated, and have good reason to report them please contact the staff directly using the information on the contact page. Spreading rumors before the issue has been investigated (true or not) will lead to a ban on your part.

Special Note: If harassment occurs in PM's, please first /ex (ignore) the harassing person. If it continues after you have logged in and out, please report them.

Reporting: 2-3 Screenshots of disrespect, racial comments, sexual slander, etc.


  • First Offence: Mute
  • Second Offence: 1 Day - 1 Week Jail Time.
  • Third Offence: Ban

Rule #2 - Text Spamming
Text spamming is defined as repeatedly filling up a chat box (public or PM) with unnecessary comments. It is up to the GM to ultimately decide whether the reported screenshots include spam.

Reporting: 1-2 Screenshot(s) of the offence (spamming) taking place.


  • First Offence: Mute
  • Second Offence: 1 Day - 1 Week Jail Time
  • Third Offence: Ban

Rule #3 - Botting or Third-Party Programs
Using a botting/third-party program to assist you in-game is strictly forbidden. This applies primarily to packet modification and programs outside of the provided clients that communicate with the server.

Reporting: 1-3 Screenshot(s) of the offence taking place - including PM's to the person asking them anything to provoke a conversation while attempting in any way you see fit to prove they are a bot -- within these rule limitations.

Punishment: Ban

Rule #4 - MVP Monsters/Mini Bosses:
MVPs and Mini bosses are Free for All, which means it gives any party, guild or player the right to attack at any time. The ability to grief and/or otherwise affect the MVP or Mini Bosses in ways to harass/annoy or plainly be rude is not allowed which also means priest is not permitted to use Pneuma/Safety wall/Monster Buffs to grief players who are capable of killing the MVP. To make this short: Players are not allowed to grief one another regardless of class when MvPing or Killing Mini Bosses.

Special Note: This rule only applys to Naturally spawned Mini Bosses/MVPS, which means you can only KS Naturally spawned MVPS, not MVPS Spawned from Bloody Branches/skills.
In Order for the Mini Bosses/MVP's to become FFA they need to be untouched for generally 15-30 minutes, At that point the MVP becomes FFA.

Reporting: 2-3 screen shots/ Video

  • First offence: 1-2 days Jail
  • Second offence: Temporary ban
  • Third offence: Permanent ban

Rule #5 - Griefing/Mobdropping/ Dead Branch Spamming:
Griefing, mob dropping, Healing, buffing monsters in game is a punishable offence. In other words do not use Monsters or skills, and or Block other players skills to bother other players in-game. This includes MVP's and Mini bosses. Also Dead branch Spamming is to be kept to the dead branch area which can be found Via the warper. Do not Spam Dead branches in random places just to disturb other players or cause any grief with them.

  • First Offence: Warning.
  • Second Offence:1 day Jail.
  • Third Offence: 2 days to 1 week Jail.
  • Forth Offence: Ban.

Rule #6 Impersonation:
A players Identity should remain unique to themselves; Maliciously 'stealing' another player's name, which includes changing letters but still resembling the players name with intent to impersonate them or cause other forms of damage will not be tolerated. This includes impersonation of our staff members, Guilds,and Players.

  • First offence: Forced name change
  • Second Offence: 3 days Jail(72 hours)
  • Third offence: Ban

Rule #7 - Account Information
Do NOT give you user ID and Password to anyone in-game, whether they are friends (IRL or online) or not. If anything happens to your account (such as items disappearing, your password changing, characters deleted, rule breaking, etc.) and an investigation shows more than one person uses the account in question, all parties involved will be at fault.
We also do not return items lost at players fault, such as the following;
  • Dropped items.
  • Zeny accidently given to wrong player.
  • Items accidently sold to a NPC.
  • Items broken during upgrade attempts.
  • Character deleted by player, but forgot to unequip items.
  • Players in public places that do not take precautions to secure their information. This includes, but is not limited to, netcafes or university internet.
  • Mail sent to the wrong character.
We will help players who are scammed provided they show proper proof of the agreement,For example, if you lend someone an item, make a screenshot containing the terms of agreement and a confirmation from the person you give the item to.

Reporting: N/A

Punishment: To be determined by staff as the circumstance arises.
Special Note: Remember a Game Master(GM) will NEVER ask you for your account information.

Rule #8 - Bug Abuse
If you find a bug in-game, fail to inform staff about it, and continue to exploit this bug for your personal gain, you are breaking the rules and will be punished accordingly.

Reporting: N/A


  • First Offence: Jail
  • Second Offence: Ban

Rule #9 - Looting/Kill Stealing
Looting or kill stealing another person's monster(s) is not allowed on this server. We have commands to help prevent it such as @noks and @autoloot. Please use the commands to help prevent looting or kill stealing from happening. If either still occurs, please report it to the staff.

Reporting: 1-2 Screenshot(s) of the offence taking place


  • First Offence: 1 Day Jail Time
  • Second Offence: 2 Days - 1 Week Jail Time
  • Third Offence: Ban

Rule #10- Scamming
Scamming is not tolerated. The definition for scamming is for example-Do not offer to overcharge/discount and run away with somebody's money. Do not trick people by selling them a "slotted" item that really isn't. Do not try to get other players to give you their account information. Conduct all trades in-game or on the forum. That way we have logs. If you are making a trade in-game, have a chat about it first. A chat log saying "I'll give you a slotted helm" followed by a trade of an un-slotted helm is helpful evidence for us to reverse the trade. The trade logs alone aren't always sufficient.

Reporting: Screenshot if available.


  • First Offence: 1 Week Jail Time
  • Second Offence: Ban

Rule #11 - Chat Rooms and Vendors
Keep Chat Rooms to the side walks of all the towns and Vendors in the vending area.
Do not block npc's with chatrooms or vendors.

Reporting: Screen shot of the offence.


  • First Offence: Mute
  • Second Offence: 1 Day - 1 Week Jail Time
  • Third Offence: Ban

Rule: #12 - NO Multi Clienting In Events and Battlegrounds
Multi Client or Dual Client usage is allowed to be done here on Amistr, with the exceptions of a few instances. You are NOT allowed to multi client/Dual Client in events, or in battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds have been modified in a few ways to make it so multi client/dual client usage is not needed. For example there is a 5 versus 5 battlegrounds and levels requirements have been reduced.

Special Note: You may have multiple clients signed into Amistr at the same time, BUT you may only have one client present in the Battlegrounds or event. This also means you may not have at the same time 1 account in one set of battlegrounds, and 1 client in another set of battlegrounds. Buff Slaves for example may be present in the entrance of the battle grounds but they may not take part in the battlegrounds round as it would become a multi client.

  • First offense: Jail- 24hours - 1 week Jail time.
  • Second offense: 1 Day 1 week Account ban.
  • Third offense: Permanent Ban.

Rule #13- Do Not Act Stupid
It's hard to give this rule much of a description, but don't do anything that, while not being listed above, is obviously something that would not be allowed.

Punishment: For acting stupid varies depending on the level of stupidity.

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